February 29, 2016

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My father swears by this recipe and has been using it for years to get his good gut probiotics.
This pairs well with any kind of heavy meat.

This is an excellent snack I like to add it to my breakfast if I am having a vegetable platter for breakfast. Unlike store-bought sauerkraut this has a very mild taste so it is extremely versatile, make sure to add this to your Staples list and plan on making at least two weeks worth every time you have it in your meal prep day.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • 15 mins

    15 mins

  • Yields: 4 Servings


One half head Cabbage

3 tablespoons salt (must be non-iodized)

Filtered water


Wash cabbage

Slice cabbage finely with core removed

Add salt and massage generously until it feels soft in your hand

Place in jar that is sanitized

Cover the jar with a clean towel and no lid

Check the mixture after four or five hours and make sure there is enough Brine that has been extracted from the cabbage to cover the entire mixture, if not use clean utensil to press cabbage

Check again, If cabbage is still not covered in brine add some filtered water and additional salt until the mixture is completely covered: generally 3 tablespoons to one quart water will be a good mixture

Let it ferment in jar approximately three or four days until it has a sauerkraut smell

Disclaimer: if there is colored mold on top I scrape the top off and throw it out. You may want to start over if you have a sensitive palate! It probably means your brine was not salty enough and unless you are in a starvation situation I would go ahead and trash it and try again!


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