Cooking Method: Frying

Red Onion Omelet with Smoked Salmon

This makes for a super tasty lunch, or a decadent breakfast. Plus, there is so much room for you to make it your own by adding your favorite herbs or garnishes. We prefer to add the salmon onto the omelet afterwards, as heating can affect the taste. Very easy, very fast and very tasty!

Frittata O’Paleo

This Paleo Tex-Mex recipe is right up there with your favorite burrito! Try to make this frittata to eat for breakfasts throughout your busy work week. Just cook, then let cool before cutting it into slices. You can store each slice in its own tupperware in the fridge. This makes for a simple paleo breakfast.

Chicken Curry: Paleo Style

For many, a good curry is the ultimate comfort-food dinner. The aromatic spices create a distinctive mood in which to enjoy a filling meal.

Feta and Broccoli Omelet

Eggs are a great staple that can be freely enjoyed on a Paleo diet, and an omelet is a great way to use them to create a delicious lunch or snack. This omelet combines broccoli, feta and dill to create a tasty but healthy meal.