Category: Vegetarian

Boiled Egg Power Salad

This simple to prepare salad is packed with energy for a fresh, healthy lunch or snack. Feel free to play around with the ingredients and quantities to match you own tastes!

Chocolate Avocado Strawberry Smoothie

Whip up this tasty morning treat, its another delicious way to stay Paleo.

Feta and Broccoli Omelet

Eggs are a great staple that can be freely enjoyed on a Paleo diet, and an omelet is a great way to use them to create a delicious lunch or snack. This omelet combines broccoli, feta and dill to create a tasty but healthy meal.

Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

This is a super-fast way to create a delicious breakfast. With minimal preparation and cooking, the combination of ingredients and spice make for a treat that will give you a healthy start to your day.