Category: Dinners

Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork & Roast Veggies

A deeply moreish alternative to a traditional roast dinner. Tender pulled pork, with just the right amount of seasoning, roasted veggies of your choice and topped with the all-important crackling.

Paleo Pot-Roasting in the Crock Pot

Try this yummy recipe this weekend. You’ll have enough leftovers to snack on it. Make your belly smile with this crock pot Paleo favorite.

Frittata O’Paleo

This Paleo Tex-Mex recipe is right up there with your favorite burrito! Try to make this frittata to eat for breakfasts throughout your busy work week. Just cook, then let cool before cutting it into slices. You can store each slice in its own tupperware in the fridge. This makes for a simple paleo breakfast.

Broiled Chicken Wings and Fresh Salad

Feeling like some spicy as you’d like it chicken and a fresh salad tonight?
Try this easy recipe for your dinner and have leftovers the next day.
You can’t go wrong. Go Paleo!