How to Do Outdoors, Paleo Style!

Spring has officially sprung!  Time to get outside and enjoy the weather!  It might also be time to get out and shed that “Winter Coat”.  If so, consider adding some great outdoor cardio to your routine, this will not only get your steps on your FitBit but also get you more in tune with your community and nature.  Key points to keeping it paleo:

  1. Although it is super tempting don’t stay on your phone!  Keep it with you in case of emergency but stay off of it otherwise.  Not only does this prevent poor posture when your are walking/jogging but it also will help you become more mindful.  Instead of multitasking Facebook, stay in the NOW.
  2. Make sure you aren’t getting your cardio in next to a major highway or road.  Avoid fumes and danger by looking for local jogging/walking/biking trails.  Become a bit of an explorer, you might discover a new favorite spot! Here’s a great resource for finding local greenways and trails
  3. Bring a friend: We were designed to be social!  It’s in our DNA! If you are having trouble getting the motivation to get started then invite a buddy.  It’s safe and for me having a friend to chat with while getting by blood pumping is very therapeutic!  

Enjoy your cardio, whether it’s biking, walking, running, rollerblading or paddleboarding!

The Paleo Guru