Do you agree that this is the best part of working out?


The Paleo Lifestyle involves a few facets. It’s always important to incorporate challenging workouts into your life as this is the best way to get the ultimate results from eating Paleo. You all know how I love to work out, but my favorite part of working out is shopping for cute clothes! I know Iā€™m not the only one who likes looking cute while working out! šŸ˜‰

The boundless energy I found once I started going Paleo made me want to be active and try new activities and workouts. I love throwing a little bit of Crossfit into my workout routine, and I know so many of you are on the CrossFit bandwagon. It can be a brutal workout, but the results can be astonishing!

Whether or not you are all about CrossFit I wanted to show you guys these green CrossFit T-shirts that are the Deal of the Week! These comfy workout ready T-shirts are $10 off right now so jump on this deal!

See you in your new Tee!

The Paleo Guru

Jerky Snob