Discover Northwest Beef

Hey, my fellow meat lovers!

I am drooling over these Northwest Beef Specialty Items I found on

I always want the freshest cut beef because my hubby and I love to have Paleo BBQ’s with family and friends. We always supply the meat and want it to be the best quality for our loved ones. Snake River Farms is celebrated worldwide by connoisseurs, chefs and, of course, me…your favorite Paleo Guru! 🙂

Their business is family-owned and dedicated to creating the most Kurobuta pork & delicious beef around!! These meats have turned vegetarians back to being carnivores; I’ve seen it happen!! Haha 🙂

Since I’m in charge of the shopping I use Snake River Farms because I get the best beef and pork, at my door, with no hassle. Love that! I’m always BBQ ready, and since summer is coming up I’ll probably be on this site weekly! With so many delicious paleo recipes that incorporate beef, I am always getting to spoil myself with Snake River Farms amazing cuts of beef & pork!

They have a unique curated collection of delicious foods and accessories that I had to show you. If you are a BBQ lover like me, this is your one stop shop!

Start your drooling here! 🙂

Let me know what you think. Once you go Snake River Farms, you’ll never go back!

Stay Paleo & Be healthy,
The Paleo Guru

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